How to Increase Brand Awareness using Social Media

How to Increase Brand Awareness using Social Media 

Successful brands are always discussed on social media or social platforms, such discussions are excellent for brand awareness and sales growth. Here we are sharing useful tips on increasing brand awareness on social media. 

Make right choice of platform for your audience, Define your goals

Keeping up with all social media sites which are trending now a days as it is not possible to engage with all out there. Keeping in mind goal of social media marketing is to find your customers and your potential audience and easily manageable.

Once you know your audience, you need to define goals for that audience. As a business owner, for brand awareness your primary goal will likely be creative goals for social media.


Deliver quality content, engage with audience, Make it is easy for your audience to share your content

Always share good quality, unique and helpful content or message to your audience e.g. Do not share copy of someone else which is already out there on social media platforms. Writing unique content specific to the type of social media you are using is important. For example - 
- Facebook has more engagement with posts of small to large, along with photos or videos. 
- Twitter is a platform for short posts. It is 240 characters, previously it was limited to 140 characters (However according to data, only around 10% posts used around 140 characters).
- Instagram is a simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family.

Visual and textual information is very influential in social media marketing, Audio-Visual information are more influential. According to data research more than 70% of marketers use visual information reaching audience via marketing.
Determine why to use social media, is it for share general updates, or share marketing information, target audience, etc. Once showcased, stay connected with followers. For more details social media influence see

Everyone knows how important social media is to our overall online digital marketing. Not only but it can help in increasing your brand reach with your audience, and also reach their network. Social media is a trend you cannot ignore sharing over it. It should be easily sharable. Sharing is kind of recommendation. It can be form your friend circle, colleague, and member of family, inspired or affected individual. This would help in joining or converting more customers.


Become influencer Join Influencers

As we are talking about social media influencer marketing join influential people who do not compete with you to share your audience, complement your offering, and tap into established groups of consumers. Learn or should have awareness about fake influencers. There would be content exchangers, package offers, paid services. Maintain such relationships, how to maintain is up to you. Having said engage with audience, here also engage with influencers, follow the influencers who make sense with your brand to observe, analysis and learn from your posts. You should also observe, analyse, discuss and see engagement they do to reach their audience. You and your team learn from their popular posts to see influencing ideas of their brand i.e. how they get attention of their ideal audience. You always need influencer marketing, stats shows that around 35% reported that they have referred the influenced on YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Influencers, Partners, Customers - Mentions and Appreciate

Influencer marketing are typically run on a global basis. Social media is about building a community, Along with your likes, comments and shares, maintain engagement with influencers, partners and customers on your profile. This will encourage others to do the same. Being expressed or mention on social media about customers and followers gives your audience the experience to recognize and appreciate them. Same applies to brands or influencers too for increase your audience. Influence marketing will be a huge industry trend in upcoming years, its started, and no sign of slowing down.


Maintain Healthy Relationships with Customers

Customers healthy relationships is essential to your brand. This help in indirect influence when customers are connected on social media and so on your brand or product is referred. When you connect with your customers on social media, you know what value your brand have given to your customers, what they want, what they received, this is an opportunity for your brand improvement.


Measure your progress metrics

Measure your progress metrics with your goals planned in terms of measure brand awareness spreading, volume, reach exposure, interaction and engagement statistics in terms of retweets, reply’s feedback, and related participants, if measuring drive traffic -then check clicks, url shares, etc. Measure metrics of influencers, their participation and impact do they have. Measure metrics on effective conversion and active consumer.

When participating social media for brand awareness, you really need to understand how you are participating, impact of participation, reaching expected goals.

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